Pasquale Aiello

Pasquale Aiello

Pasquale Aiello (born 5 December 1976) is an Italian Research Scientist. Ethical researcher of socio-cultural and geo-political changes during the IV Industrial Revolution through mathematical models and neuroscience. In 2018 he gave life to a current of thought and action guided by ethics and high specialization, the Ethical trendsetting. Firmly believing in the power of ethical polarization, in 2020 he founded the first non-governmental body specialized in research and development with a focus on digital and innovative governance systems based on the aggregating principles of communities, the National Authority for Digital Transformation[2] (ENTD – Ente Nazionale per la Trasformazione Digitale)[3].

He is a respected activist in transhumanism and business ethics specialized in emotional intelligence[4] and multiple intelligence. His activism does not stop at scientific publications and essays but sees him active in the political field as a representative of interests at the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian government[5]

Pasquale Aiello is Scientific Commissioner for the Italian Ministry of University and Research and supports the European Commission with publications [6], research [7] and Studies [8] on unconventional and innovative methodologies at the methodological and vision level. Is considered the father of the Digital Intelligence Matrix, a model that starts from the ability / propensity / willingness to learn attitudes in relation to the typing of subjects with collaborative and / or competitive behaviors.

Currently President of the National Body for Digital Transformation[9]